Which CDRW is good?

I want to buy a 40X or 48X rewriter. I am now looking for Asus and Liteon. Which one is good in terms of copying ability, stability, compatibility and durability?

Thank you
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  1. Yamaha and Plextor make very good CDRW drives.
  2. i love my brand new LG 40X writer, I have burned full 700 MB CDs in 2 mins and 10 seconds. I believe it also supports CD text
  3. I've had good luck with my lite-ons and my older 16x yamaha stil performs fine the 48x lite-on is available at newegg.com for less than 60.00 USD inc shipping it is with out doubt the performance \ price leader these days

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  4. My 40x/12x/48x LiteOn rocks!

    I advice you to get the 48x/24x/48x LiteOn CD-RW

    Let us know <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/community/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=25703#25703" target="_new"> What File compression format you use? </A>
  5. I have had no problems out of my Yamahas.....:)

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  6. Yup, get a Lite-On, definitely.

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  7. Yep. 48x24x48x Liteon here. It rocks.
    Cheap. Fast. Quiet. Reliable. Burns Copy Protected games (for backups!). Burns fast on slow rated media.

    What more could i want?

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  8. You will not regret in trying YAMAHA
  9. Lite On 48x burner is pretty great from what i hear.. what makes it an even better deal besides it's very nice PRice Tag... is that you can upgrade the firmware to make it a 52X drive which is nice

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  10. the best cd writer around is asus crw-4816A its for abt$100
    but if u dodn't have a dvd yet u can get a combo lg GCC-4320B its just for 102 bucks u get a dvd and crw for a good price .
  11. I got 48.7x (7,305KB/s) at full 700 mb burn with the 48x Lite-On with no firmware upgrade and using a 20x rated no name cheap CDR :smile:

    I just love this [beep-here]!

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  12. yeah. its pretty good.
    I get 40x or 48x burns with my 48x24x48x using emtec 700Mb 1-16x certified media, and full 48x using TDK gold.

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  13. Here is a very informative site on CDRWs:

    I have a LITEON 48X24X48 and one of the major features that it can do is full CAV writing (Constant Angular Velocity) the Asus 52X24X52 has this feature too. Don't get a drive that only does CLV writing (Constant Linear Velocity) such as the Asus 40X12X48.
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