Problems With my RADEON HD 6490 M Drivers

I have a HP laptop on which there are 2 GPU`s one Intel 3000 and a Radeon HD 6490 M.

At first I had a problem setting my Radeon GPU as main GPU. Because Radeon is more powerful I want it as primary but when i deactivate the Intel the screen gets all low-res and i cant change it up. On the other side, when i only disable the Radeon, the screen is still perfect. I have checked in game settings on differnt games and the GPU used is the Intel 3000
I wanted and still want to have Radeon as primary cuz of gaming. I still cant set the Radeon as primary.

Installing new drivers from the AMD website doesnt work eighter. All i get is a catalyst with almost no options (2 mb). And when I start my laptop I always get as message reading: "the catalyst driver is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. please update your AMD graphics driver. or enable your AMD adapter using the Display Manager" W.T.F it is enabled in Display Maneger.

*Desperate cry* Help!
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  1. Get the driver of HP's site, it will have passed testing.
  2. I find nothing there
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