Building a Wireless Network for a 2 Story+Basement House

I've never been very good with networking, and this is my first post to these forums, but essentially, what I would like to do is build a wireless network throughout my house, and fortunately it is a new build and I have already had hard-wires installed to the first floor and basement, with the primary connection point being my office on the 2nd floor.

What do I need to do, hardware wise, to have a single wireless network throughout the house instead of 3 different wireless routers or something like that? Please help me help you by asking if I need to be more clear or answer any additional questions.
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  1. You really do want 3 different wireless networks for optimum performance. You would run each on a different channel to maximize your performance and reduce interference. The key is to run 2 of the routers as AP. This makes them the same IP network but different radio network. Up to you if you use the same SSID or not there are advantages to both designs. You would want the router function in your 2nd floor and the AP on the other floors.
  2. And "AP" being access points -- Bill -- can you recommend some hardware? I've always been partial to D-LINK. Again all the floors and locations for the "APs" have been hardwired as well, so the main modem will connect via Cat 6 to the other locations.

    I already own the wireless router -- an older model -- referenced in the Top Floor below:

    Top Floor - Modem Location: DLINK Wireless Router

    First Floor - AP Location 1:

    Basement - AP Location 2:
    (Same as AP Location 1)

    Aside from configuration, would this solution be adequate?

    [[ Edit :: Top Floor incorrectly listed identical item -- would have been confounding! ]]
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    Most router can run as AP just check for the feature. For unknown reasons you can get a router cheaper than a AP sometimes.

    But yup you cable the 2 AP to the main router and you are good to go.
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  5. Thanks Bill, bested! Any resources you can offer for that kind of thing? I am guessing I can just check with the DLINK support to work n configuring the APs to the router.
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