Sound Repeats and freezes when playing Games

I recently bought a Gigabyte GA-6VRXP with Onboard Soundcard (Creative CT5880 Sound controller). And whenever I play high graphic games like Jedi Knight 2, for example, it will randomly repeat and Freeze (ie. While taking a Blaster shot and it will continually play the Blaster Fire Sound and Freeze my computer). This could be due to the fact that my Graphics card and soundcard are both struggling for resources, but I'm hoping the problem could be with my sound drivers.

My current soundcard drivers are 5.2.3633.0, but the drivers on the Gigabyte website are Now im not sure which one is "more up to date" and whether downloading the drivers on the Giga website will really help. Essentially, I would like to play my games in "peace" without worrying about my computer freezing due to my soundcard. Would anyone care to give their suggestions to my problem? Thanks.

Computer Specs:
Athlon 2100+
512MB DDR Ram
Geforce 4 TI4400
Creative CT5880 sound controller
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Mobo

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  1. Download the Giga-site drivers and see how they run.

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  2. dont know how to solve it but as kronos said:"driver"
    that's sure the right direction

    happens to my computer too...I got a audigy though
    playing FPS games like CS, same [-peep-] happens
    first thought was over heat problem or maybe video card
    but nope...its the stupid sound card and the driver
    finnaly I got the latest driver for audigy...and
    It stoped freezing....yeah right....just not so often

    Korea....good sport?
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