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Wireless g Delivers Faster Broadband Than Wireless n

I have a Netgear WNR3500L wireless router. I assume it's v1 because on the back it doesn't have "v" anything. :-) Firmware version V1.2.2.44_35.0.53NA.

When I connect using g I get 22+Mbps download speed. When I connect using n I get 10 Mbps. I've tried using both WPA2 only (laptop reports 130 Mbps connection I believe) as well as the combo WPA+WPA2 (laptop reports connection of 117 Mbps). Broadband download results don't change - they stay at the 10 Mbps level.

I've fiddled with some of the settings on my laptop's wireless card - but the results are the same.

For now I'm just trying to figure out where I should focus my investigation and fiddling efforts - on the laptop or on the router.



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  1. I thought I'd post a follow-up before others put effort into this...................

    I did the same test using a different n-capable laptop: Exact. Same. Results.

    The issue seems to be with the router. I find this quite surprising. This doesn't seem like it's something that should be stretching the capabilities of a/this router.

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    Most likely interference from another network either on the same channel or on an overlapping channel. Only 3 channels do not overlap (1, 6, 11) and everything is defaulted to channel 6.
  3. You did it. Changed to Ch 11. 23+Mbps.

    Thanks a lot!
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