HDD compatibility with XP?

I am curious about accessing an 'XP machine' with a 'Windows 7 machine.'

I'm planning on buying a storage drive, probably a 1.5TB drive. The new ones, mostly WD for now, have a new partitioning system and require a WD utility or Windows 7. I don't have it yet but might upgrade my Quad Core machine to Windows 7. I have an older laptop that has XP. It's not really powerful enough to bother installing 7 on it so it will remain an XP machine. I will write to the new HDD from both computers. I guess I would format the new storage drive to NTFS format from Windows 7. (Or I could use the WD utility from XP?). There won't be any issues, right? Windows 7 NTFS is similar enough to XP NTFS?

If I got Windows 7, I think I wouldn't go any higher than Home Premium. I think there are utilities out there to obtain the XP Mode if I needed it. I just need to confirm that both operating systems can write to a NTFS-formatted storage drive with no issues. It will store video files, music files, documents, .exe files or program files but nothing installed; it's just for storage.
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  1. If you're accessing files over a network, it doesn't matter. You could even access files on a Mac / Linux computer over the network; regardless of the file system in use. Just remember to configure your sharing properly.
  2. +1 ^ zoron.
    OS doesn't affect network file sharing!
  3. Use your W7 machine to share a folder/drive with the XP machine.
  4. Well, with the new drives, when you first partition, there is a 4096 byte sector problem so I was wondering how well Windows 7 will read/access an older drive that was partitioned with XP and/or if the drive has XP installed on it.

    Sounds like just network sharing issues and probably permissions issues so that's okay.
  5. I haven't seen the problem you're referring to... nor have I heard of it.
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