Suggestions for 2nd Wireless Router Access Point?

Hi All,

Currently, i have a setup of Dlink DIR-655 Wireless Router (Primary Router) and i live in a pretty big house. So wireless signal can get quite low and it keeps dropping. I have tried those Powerline homeplugs and it doesn't work that well.

I have read that i can use another wireless router (Secondary AP) as an wireless access point? To act more as a range extender. I can connect the Secondary AP to the Primary AP using a LAN cable.

Any suggestions on the type of device i can use with the Dlink DIR 655? Or will another Wireless N router will do?

Appreciate consideration on the simple integration of both the routers. Thanks
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    You could use any router of your liking and configure it as an AP
  2. Does it make any performance difference depending on what wireless routers i choose to use? Otherwise, i will choose any that is available and within my budget of course. :)

    What do you think of this router here:

  3. that one should work
  4. Thanks for the response!
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