How to link a mifi to a 3g mobile router with usb

Can I connect a mifi device to a 3g/4g mobile broadband router w/ USB port where I can plug a 3g/4g dongle?
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  1. My guess would be no but you will have to read the details of the router and mifi device to be sure.

    The MIFI device is a router so it may not even have the feature to run as a modem.

    The largest issue is that even if it can run as a modem it would be designed to hook to a PC not a router. The mobile broadband routers need to contain drivers for that device and its not like you can load them like you can a PC. It will pretty much depend if the router manufacture felt it was worth the effort to integrate the driver.
  2. another possibility might be to take a router that can use DD-WRT firmware and configure it in Client mode (wirelessly connect to the mifi to give you network ports)
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