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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop. I think I got some sort of virus because I cannot even get to my windows login and f8 doesnt' help. I get a blue screen that says "enter password", but my husband set the password and does not remember it. I don't care if I lose the files, i just want my computer back.What can I do? please help
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  1. Do you have any important files on the laptop that you need? If not a clean install is an option.

    If you want to scan the system for viruses before the OS attempts to load, use something like Hirens boot CD. To scan your hard drive for any malicious files.
  2. Obtain a system recovery disc for the laptop via the manufacturer, Toshiba are pretty helpful and will provide you with it if its in warrenty, if its out of warrenty they sometimes charge a small fee.
  3. Hi

    Is this password screen from the BIOS ? or after Windows starts ?

    Can you bootup from any bootable CD/DVD ?
    If the password is from the BIOS then you will not get past it to Boot from any CD/DVD or your Hard Disk

    Is password from an encryption scheme (such as TrueCrypt) ?
    which can hide the hard disk contents

    Modern Toshiba laptops have a recovery system which can restore to as delivered without needing Recovery Disks providing D:\ has not been corrupted, formatted or encrypted as the Windows recovery images are on D:\
    The users guide on the laptop and Toshiba support website will have instructions on recovery procedure
    (applies to Vista & 7 not sure about XP)

    Mike Barnes
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