Problem with SB Live! under WinXP

Hello everybody, my problem is following:
Under winxp i can't hear sound from my center speaker (i'm using sb live 5.1 with cambrige sworks inspire 5300), everything is connected propperly because when i hit "test speakers" in creative application "speaker settings" i hear sound comming from my center speaker. I can't hear sound in any winxp application (winamp, games, dvd and divx video).
I haven't try to resolve the problem downloading new drivers becaus these are functioning propperly (except problem stated above).
So i would be happy if anyone can tell me how to resolve this problem.
P.S. Winxp isn't pached with any "criticall updates" and it's without sp1.
My thanks!

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  1. get all updates for windows xp and get new drivers for your sound card. Always update your drivers whenever you can they add performance and fuctionality and correct buggs.

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  2. Can't solve your problem just add to it...

    Since I've had my sb5.1 Live there has always been peculiar things that happen to it, or my setup, under both win95 and 98se.

    I'd be playing music and all of a suden it would stop. The settings would change to digital output all by they selves. Start it up and all the mutes were on. Other times the configuration would change.

    Every time I reload it (remove, reboot. re-add) it's different. Somthings are missing some don't work. Just noticed a post today at anandtech where someone was complaining about all the weirdness with drivers they'd experienced.

    Best I can do is suggest reloads cause the creative updates sure suck (they're aren't any)..."here pay me for this and get away, don't bother me!!"
  3. Getting center channel material is difficult for a 5.1 system. There just isn`t alot out there. DVD`s require software that support 5.1 channel WinDVD 4.0. A few games support Undying...Unreal Tourny original and 2003 among a few others. The fact is most software is still reliant on 4.1 for their sound setups. The outlook is getting better with some Game Consols converting to 5.1 which will drive programmers to embrace the standard in ever greater numbers for we PC "luvers". ;)

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  4. I still can't get my problem solved. I have installed new drivers, but i can't hea any sound from center speaker.
    Except when i start "diagnostic mode" i can hear sound comming from c. speaker.
    Maybe this can be helpful: my previous soundcard was AudioExcel Theater (cmi 5.1 chipset), maybe there is some conflict between my old registry entries by my old soundcard (i have unninstaled drivers...), but the problem still exists.

    My case temperature <b>IS</b> "Hell on earth"!
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