My mouse moves but I can\'t click on anything

Help please. I can nove the cursor with the mouse, but multiple clicks will not fix a location so I can start typing. How can I fix this problem?

Thanks, Jeff
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  1. Is it wireless? Might need a new battery.
  2. Sounds like a driver issue; what brand and model of mouse do you have.
  3. cmichael138 said:
    Is it wireless? Might need a new battery.

    Thanks for your response cmichael138. I changed from the wireless to a new wired mouse that came with the HP p6720f Desktop PC. Both are balky at placing the cursor, or once placed, beginning to type. Many times I start a word, and the first two letters are missing.

    I replaced the batteries in the wireless mouse, but it still has the same problem. Any other ideas?

  4. bobusboy said:
    Sounds like a driver issue; what brand and model of mouse do you have.

    Thanks for responding bobusboy. The wired mouse that came with the HP p6720f Desktop PC has
    HP P/N: 505062-001 Rev.A
    That's followed by HP S/N: K9P04535991
    and finally KYE P/N: 31010563201

    The wireless mouse is a Logitech SetPoint 2.49a

    If it's a driver issue, I won't know how to fix it.

  5. Did you open Control Panel/Mouse to see that the mouse is set to execute on left click?
  6. Michael,

    Yes, I just did so and checked all the tabs. The last one (Hardware) said, "This device is working properly."

    Under the tab, "Buttons" I set mouse speed one move left on the sliding scale to a slower speed.

    Under the tab, 'Pointer' I'm using the 'normal' selection, so I have a small white arrow as my pointer. I checked the black pointer option, but I like 'normal' (small white pointer) best. I changed back to normal.

    Under the 'Pointer Options Tab' I set a comfortable speed and clicked on the boxes for 'Hide the Pointer While Typing' and 'Show Location of Pointer When I Push Ctrl key.

    Under the 'Wheel' tab, I set one line per notch click and 3 characters for wheel tilt.

    Under 'Hardware' I looked at the 'General' tab again, and it said, "This device is working properly." In the box displaying, HID -compliant mouse, I double clicked it and found a box with three tabs, "General, Driver and Details."

    Under 'Driver' it provides this info:
    Provider: Microsoft
    Date: 6/21/06
    Version: 6.1.7600.16385
    Digital signature: Microsoft Windows

    I looked at 'Driver Details', but they mean nothing to me.

    So, I still occasionally have some delay in displaying letters on the screen (after clicking on a letter), and it can be l a long wait to have the pointer move the short vertical line to the location where I've placed the white cursor arrow and started clicking.

  7. I think you will need to update the drivers, as bobusboy mentioned.


    I just checked a machine I have with Windows 7 32 bit installed and it
    lists the same drivers you listed (6/21/06) so I guess it's not mouse driver related???

    Have you tried a different USB port?
  8. Michael,
    I have two USB ports on the front of my HP p6720f Desktop PC. I've tried both of those after moving from a back USB port. The back ports were harder to reach to unplug and replug the mouse when the cursor was stuck. It always worked albeit with somewhat more effort. I'll move to a back port again and see if that resolves my mouse issue.
  9. Michael,

    I'm switched to the fourth and last back port, so time will tell if it solves the mouse problem. While I was drafting the response immediately above, I had a ten minute fight on my hands to reposition the cursor (?? the short, vertical line that the cursor repositions for the next input to make revisions). Now, and at other times, it works just perfectly, but when it sticks, I'm in for a fight.

    I'll report results in a day or two. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm glad it wasn't a driver, because I have no idea how to deal with them.

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