Speedtouch 330 modem compatibilty windows 8

the above modem doesn't allow me to connect to the internet with my new pc,..Windows 8, previous pc was xp, worked fine.

Is the above modem not compatible with Windows 8 64 bit, are there drivers available to make this modem work with Win8. My xp pc is broken so i'm typing on a friends pc.
Talk Talk say there may be a fault on the line but I suspect it's the modem compatibility issue. The modem flashes red where ason my old pc I can still plug it in and it flashes green.
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  1. You are right, it's an incompatibility problem with Windows 8. Quite simply, there are no Windows 8 drivers available for the Speedtouch 330. I'm surprised TalkTalk were not aware of that if they supplied it to you.

    There haven't been any new drivers released for that model since Windows Vista.
  2. Thanks phil, they've since said they are sending me a free router as mineis 6yrs old.
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