Dual-band traffic splitting?!?


I was looking at wireless router and came across the ASUS DSL-N55U which states: "Double your total wireless bandwidth and reduce Wi-Fi interference with the DSL-N55U’s simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands at a combined speed of up to 600Mbps. Basic internet processes like web browsing or file downloads run under the 2.4GHz band, while simultaneous streaming of HD content occurs in the super-fast 5GHz band, always ensuring optimized speeds and allowing a smooth and buffer-free experience"

How is that possible (splitting the web and video traffic accross bands)? I have a good understanding of networks and for me this is impossible. Even if a client has dual-band capable adapter, only one the radios can be enabled at the time or else you would have two routes possibles.

Any idea?
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  1. I am sure they mean to 2 different machines. I don't think the drivers for the machine nics will even let you run it as 2 interfaces. You could if you work at it hard enough run 2 nics on the same machine in different subnets and then manually use route command to use both.

    Its all marketing to people who can't read. Same as 300m implies wide channels and mimo support which many nics do not do.
  2. Thanks bill001g, that's what I thought. Very misleading marketing.
  3. Dual band allows full duplex wireless operation. One band for the upstream, and the other for the downstream. It effectively doubles bandwidth. It's part of the 'N' spec. If your adapter isn't dual band then you're restricted to single band, half duplex operation.
  4. Could you link this please. I have never heard of the feature before..not that things do not change constantly and I can't keep up.
  5. This should keep you busy for a little while:

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