Best gaming router for the money?

im looking at wireless routers between $30- 70. if you think getting a certain one is wroth the exstra money then post it.

im going to have wired internet to my rig. I need at LEASET 3 lan ports. while im at this ill ask if the wire that i conect from the router to my computer will afect internet speeds any.

Thank You!!!
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  1. Most routers have no issues being able to pass more traffic than your average consumer can get. You are in almost all cases being limited by your ISP before the router has any effect.

    Games actually use very little bandwidth compared to things like netflicks. The only feature that a gaming router may have that you may want is it can do some QoS to prefer gaming traffic. It is very limited in its ability and has no effect if you are not sharing your connection with someone else who is using high bandwidth.

    As it appears you know always run gaming machine wired for best results. As long as it is says it is cat5e or cat6 it will run up to a gig. Buy the cheapest you can find, they all run the same speed. The main differences are mostly the color of the cable and type of ends. All personal preferences they function the same.
  2. so buying a new router will not help my ping?
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