1gb sdr ram vs. 512mb (or even 256mb) ddr ram


i am thinking of buying an ecs k75sa (w/new antec case and athlon xp 1700+ thoroughbred) to help bring my OLD celeron 366mhz w/256mb pc100 ram TO the bronze age (as opposed to the stone age). i'm upgrading a little at a time, spending less than $200 for the aforementioned case/mb/cpu and transitioning ram, hd, cd, pci video card, etc to the new system.

thereafter, i'd like to spend just around $100 a month upgrading this puppy. my first purchase would probably be a new hd (wd 80gb special edition for $115 at newegg.com). but the second purchase would probably be ram.

(now the long intro is over, here's my actual quandary...)

i can get 1gb of pc133 sdr ram for $102 (kingston valueram 512mb x 2). or i can get ddr ram (the k7s5a supports two dimms of each type, not simultaneously). i can't find any benchmarks or evaluations saying what's better, a large amount of sdr ram or a smaller amount of ddr ram.

if i try to keep to my ~$100/month budget, i'd only be able to afford one piece of 256mb ddr ram (say a NICE corsair xms pc3200 c2, even though the mb only supports up to pc2100, just in case i upgrade the motherboard later, which i definitely plan to do, not for a while, but since the ram's got a lifetime warranty, what the heck!), or i can splurge and get a single 512mb pc3200 c2 for around $200.

the question is, what's got the most bang for the buck: 1024mb pc133 sdr ram vs. 256mb OR 512mb ddr pc3200 ram, keeping in mind that i get 4x the amound of sdr ram for the same price as the 256mb ddr ram or twice as much sd ram for half the price of the 512mb ddr ram.

whew! any opinions?
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  1. You should definitely go for DDR memory. Especially if you plan to upgrade the mobo. Before long you won't be able to get a mobo that supports PC133 RAM.
    Regarding capacity. 1GB is overkill unless you run extremely special memory hungry programs. For normal usage and gaming that much memory will not be an advantage. I suggest 512 MB DDR PC2700 which are reasonably priced. IMO you don't have to go for PC3200 or the very expensive brands unless you plan to overclock the hell out of your system.

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  2. Overall, you will be muh happier with DDR-SDRAM over SDR-SDRAM. Do rule out the PC133 and go with the DDR.

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  3. For one, you will never use a full gig of ram. Which leaves you with the question of money. I would definatley go with the DDR as it will be useable in a computer later on. And please do invest in 512MB.

    As was said above, you don't need 3200 or Corsair RAM.

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