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i have a sony vaio. i recent used sonys application to make restore dvds off the factory partition. its 3 dvds. id like to make one iso for all of them. the issue is its no longer bootable after i merge them. any ideas?
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  1. You need a boot loader on the cd/dvd. UltrISO can do it. I'm not sure if the free demo will allow it. You may find some other free programs too if you search around.
  2. what i tried was take all the files from the 3 discs and put them in one location. i merged all the folders.(3 auto run folders are now one) then used imgburn to make the iso. sadly didnt work.
  3. An ISO isn't bootable. You need a boot loader on the CD/DVD like I said. UltraISO can merge your ISO with a boot loader. I don't recall ever seeing this option in imageburn.
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