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I'm a little shocked at the price differnce between SDRAM and DDR here in ther UK. Essentially, you get half as much DDR for the same price as SDRAM.

For example:

512MB SDRAM = £48 .... DDR = £115
256MB SDRAM = £26 .... DDR = £58
128MB SDRAM = £16 .... DDR = £28

Prices quoted are for PC2100, with higher PCxxxx being a few pounds more. (currently 1.5 us dollars or euros to the pound, if you want to to convert).

So you see, you have a hard time justifying upgrades at these prices even for a notional speed increase!

Okay questions then.

Why the double price difference?
Is DDR so much more to produce?
Is the market being controlled?

Finally, how fast is the price of DDR falling?
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  1. Try calculating the price pr. bandwidth. E.g. £ pr. MB/s. Then the price difference is very small, since you get twice the bandwidth with DDR RAM.
    DDR RAM does require more refined production technology and it is therefore naturally more expensive. Futher, price on computer parts have always been high when something is new. But when production technology is streamlined for high quantity the price drops rapidly.
    In essense, all markets are controlled by the demand of the consumers. The higher demand, the faster the production technology will be refined to reduce the price.
    In my opinion, DDR RAM is reasonably priced considering the benefits.

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  2. go to ( time i checked u could get 512 of pc2100 for £88.72.u can get 512 of pc2700 for £ really is worth it and you do get what you pay for with memory.ddr is much much better from my experience and you will notice the difference.

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  3. The main reason for the price difference is that PC-133 is being phased out. Companies are dumping their old stock and building up their new DDR stock. Right now the supply is exceeding the demand, so the price drops.

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