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Hi, Old XP pc appears to have given up the ghost, now have new pc Windows 8 but i'm typing on a friends pc.

Speedtouch 330 modem CD installation kit appears to work on new pc until asked to place usb from modem into pc and wait 30 seconds for next screen to appear, does not appear, the modem flashes red whereas I can still place it into my old xp pc and it is green but that pc has some diskette failure and I can't connect it to the internet.

On the Windows 8 pc all the Tiscali logos have downloaded onto my desktop, also Device Manager says it is there but there appears to be some sort of driver issue. On trying to connect to the internet the message 'no modem found'. Talk Talk in the Uk my ISP who took over Tiscali say there is possably a fault on the line but if inside my property I will have to pay £50.

Is the modem not compatible with Windows 8 and therefore when I insert the modem usb into pc I presume to connect the modem to the internet to download the appropriate drivers (or would the drivers be on the CD) there are none available so I can't connect to the internet, or is it possible I can't connect to the internet to downlad the drivers becasue there is a fault on my telephone line, I can still make phone calls ok.

Have searched Google for answers but to no avail.
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  1. You might be able to install the drivers under Win7 32bit in compatibility mode but in 64bit mode and Win8 unfortunately you will have to upgrade your hardware.
  2. Thanks for the reply, yes I was thinking that my modem must be obsolete to work with Win 8. My ISP TALK TALK yesterday said they think it should still work with Win 8 and said there was possibly a falt with the phone line. Google search throws up nothing for Spedtouch 330/Win 8 compatability.

    Spoken to ISP again today (India)wanted £30 for new router, declined and rang again, spoke to someone else (South Africa), said as my modem was old (6yrs) they are going to send me a free one.

    Hope its not my phone line at fault, will wait for the new router, up to 10 days they said lol.
  3. I doubt your phone line is at fault if its been working well before hand, those modems are pretty obsolete now I think I had mine in 2006 from tesco broadband, you will most likely find the software for the modem will install but the driver wont on a modern operating system, hopefully the new one they send you should just work fine.
  4. "hairystuff

    You might be able to install the drivers under Win7 32bit in compatibility mode but in 64bit mode and Win8 unfortunately you will have to upgrade your hardware."


    hairystuff I'm not the most tech savvy but are you suggesting although my pc is Win 8 64bit that it is possible to make my pc revert to Win 7 32bit with software already installed on my pc (compatability mode?) I ask because my printer will work with Win 7 but not Win 8, more expense!

    Have to say I've been playing about with the pc yesterday trying to get my head around where things are but I prefer Win XP as everything seems so much easier to find, have to say Win 8 is a nightmare but I suppose given time I will get used to it.
  5. John..With your new Windows 8 install I'm guessing that the interface is what is causing you does everyone at first!

    To help out whilst you get used to it try loading ClassicShell so that you can at least boot to the Desktop and it will look similar to XP/Vista, etc.

    With reference to your modem, a mate of mine had a similar issue and simply purchased a new version, though I can not remember the name.
    I might also suggest looking into moving from talktalk as I've heard nothing but bad news from a customer support point of view.
    For ADSL, etc I would recommend Sky or BT But if you can get Cable I would strongly recommend Virgin as I've never had issues with their service.
  6. Yeah I much prefer the old start menu of XP but Win8 iswhat I now have and will get use to it in time.

    "ClassicShell"??? How do I do that and is it possible to disable the password at the log on?

    I subscribe to sky sports etc, but have never relly had a problem with TALK TALK as yet, but I am aware their customer service was/is horrendous in the past (featured on watchdog a few yrs go if memory is correct)
  7. Just curious, why does your modem need drivers?
    Seems very weird to me.

    And please don't install the drivers from the cd they are well out of date, go the the manufacturers website and download the latest from there.
  8. Classic Shell looks interesting.

    warhead my Win8 pc Device Manager detects the modem but can't connect to the internet because no modem is found. Modems need drivers to work with the pc I presumed. I can't connect to the internet because the modem won't work catch 22.
  9. I use ClassicShell myself, with the start menu made to look like Windows 7.
    I do not use classic ie or classic explorer..only the start menu and booting direct to the desktop.

    It's made my transition to W8 a much smoother process! :)
  10. Thanks guys,.. update, received my new router from Talk Talk, internet with Win8 working fine now, clearly the original info from Talk Talk regarding SpeedTouch 330 being compatible was duff info as was I imagine them wanted me to get an engineer out to check the line out saying there was a fault as everything now works fine.
  11. Great to hear mate...enjoy! :)
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