Wireless network sharing advanced settings window freezes!

I'm trying to set up network sharing with my Windows 7 laptop and 360, but I've hit a wall after following guides

In the sharing tab of the wireless connection properties window, I can check the box to enable shared networking for my Local area connection, but the guide I've seen says I also need to go into advanced settings in the sharing tab as well to check the boxes of all needed networking protocols. The only problem is that I can't get into advanced settings! Every time I click the settings button in the sharing tab of my wireless connection properties, a grey box saying "please wait" pops up and the window freezes! I can never get past this please wit box and so, I can't check the required boxes in advanced settings.

For reference, here's the video guide I was watching
1:40 is where I get stuck

Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this freeze and what can be done.? Also, is there another way to check those boxes without going through that settings button?

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