Computer is Booting Very slowly

computer is Booting Very slow...i did a clean Boot,changed the paging file
i changed the wait to kill process in registry, still my computer Boots slowly and goes to log in screen... help me with any registry Tricks??????

OS:Win 7
MODEL:cq42 Hp Laptop
Free SPACE :200GB

I tried to Do factory Restore its says factory image is not avilable
i have Recovery D: but unknowingly i deleted the factory image Recovery...
Help in in fixing or Factory Restore(i dont have the OS Disk)
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  1. you have to call hp and ask for the restore disk..most time you only pay for shipping. the main issu with your your laptop is lack of ram. go to crusial and run there memory advisior to see the max amount of ram. if you have an open slot max out your ram. it a very cheap upgrade. for slow ccleaner and defrag also use msconfig and turn everything off by your anti virus at boot. also check that you only have one anti virus software or malware software installed.
  2. How fast does it boot up in Safe Mode?
  3. It boots Very fast in Safemode
  4. Its not a Problem With Antivirus.....Its boot very fast in safe mode...when its Shut Down It take long time atleast 5mins to boot and shut down.....i know some issue with the OS But still wanna Fix can some One help me in fixing that?
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