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Hi, I'm trying to setup a home wifi network. I have had some experience in the past with this but I'm a bit rusty. My ADSL modem (netgear DG632) has an IP of I configured my wireless router (DLink DIR615) IP to The subnet masks on both are Initially I reset each device to its factory settings and then configured each of them separately and then hooked them up together. Now I can connect to the Wifi but I can't access my router's setup page after everything is configured. Neither can I access my modem's setup page. How do I resolve this? What IP's do I need to assign for each of them such that I can access each device's setup page when everything is connected?
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  1. In the D-Link 615 turn off the DHCP server, give it a static address of in both the D-Link and give that as a static assignment in the Netgear. Set the Netgear DHCP range from to .254 unless you have other static addresses.

    What you are doing is turning the D-Link into a wireless access point (AP), but to do that you have to configure the D-Link at a static address with the radio on, an SSID and a security key.

    To access either the D-Link or Netgear, make a wired connection and type its IP address into the connected computer's browser.
  2. This is what finally worked and I can access setup pages of both the devices.

    Modem at
    Router at

    Both have subnet masks of

    All other connections are standard.
  3. While that will work, it creates two separate networks.
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