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fruity loops help

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November 17, 2004 2:09:24 AM

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hi i have been doing digiatal mixing for about 4 years with acid 4.0
and about a year ago i got sick of copyrighted loops and decided to
begin making my music from scratch i always had fruity loops sitting
on my computer but i never really plade with it i saw it as a beginner
program until i was playing with it one day and found out how easy it
was to make a drum beat now my problem is im stuck with over 50 drum
beats and around 5 to 10 trebble and bass beats so if any one knows a
good online tutorial or could send me some of there own work to play
with it would be greatly appriceated i am using fruity loops 3.0 and
my e-mail is

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November 23, 2004 6:55:52 AM

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On 2004-11-17, derrick <> wrote:

[Vague question about FruityLoops snipped.]

You have a breathless writing style, did you know that?

If you're a registered fruityloops user, the forums on
are an outstanding resource. As of today, the program is at version
5.0, and as far as I am concerned, the very best value in audio
software, period. (Although, I'm also an EnergyXT fan.)

If you only, ever, buy one piece of audio software, FLStudio would
be a wise choice.