Software Update problem

A networking error has occurred: timed out (-1001). Make sure you can connect to the internet, then try again.

I can use Google Chrome perfectly fine...

any terminal commands I need to put in to see whats going on?
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  1. Is this a single occurrence or something that is happening all of the time?
  2. hasnt updated in a few weeks now...
  3. Are your Software Update preferences set to check and download updates?
  4. yea set to update automatically weekly
  5. Go in and disable both settings. Restart the system. Go back in and reset back to enable both settings. Try to perform an update.
  6. Try this

    enter the following:
    defaults delete /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL
  7. There is no (CatalogURL) default for the ( domain.
    Defaults have not been changed.

    also i disabled both settings restarted and tried again...
  8. trash the software update plist:

    Navigate in the finder to:/Library/Preferennces/

    just drag it into the trash.

    to do this by terminal just type in:
    rm /Library/Preferennces/

    this won't harm your comp at all. Just removes the update preferences.
  9. rm: /Library/Preferennces/ No such file or directory

    i also deleted the plist file AND IT WORKED YAY! THANKS GUYS1
  10. NP glad it worked for ya :)
  11. :( it worked once now its the same problem urgh
  12. I would suggest you reload OS X. Just do an update with the most current version. Sounds like you have some sort of corruption with your system files. What version are you currently running on what Mac?
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