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I have this problem where I seem to have accidentally deleted SYSTEM.INI file from WIDNOWS directory. As a result when the machine starts up, windows doesn't start up, instead I get a message saying that windows cannot find SYSTEM.INI. Insert emergency boot disk and type SCANREG/RESTORE. I created a boot disk from a Win 98 machine (since I dont have access to another milleneium machine) and used that. This did not fix the problem, but atleast it gave me access to command prompt and I could browse thru my directories.

Now I would like to first backup some of the imp files that I need onto a zip disk using an external zip drive and then use the recovery CD to restore everything back to normal.

My question is:I have a second hard drive called D-drive other than the CD drive and DVD drive. I am not sure what its use is. I would like to know if I back up my files onto this drive instead of a zip disk and then use a recover disk, will I still lose the data in that drive or would it all be intact?

If you have any suggestions on fixing my problem please let me know.
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  1. Tried putting a system.ini file on the boot disk and copying it over after you run that command from the prompt to the windows directory?

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  2. Is this by any chance a Compaq Presario computer?

    If it is, then your D: drive will be labeled SYSTEM_SAV. It contains the files necessary to perform a QuickRestore using the CD that came with the machine. If you have a newer 5000 or 7000 series Presario (white tower), the restore CD that came with it will need these files... you have to contact Compaq to obtain a complete restore disc set that doesn't require these files. It also uses the D: drive to perform user back-ups that you can restore from.

    You can copy files to the D: partition, but you MUST make sure you have at least 700MB of free space on the drive; otherwise you won't be able to perform the Quickrestore. Again, this is assuming you have a Compaq Presario... I would think HP Pavillions work in a similar manner as well.

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