Boot up failure + loud noise in hardisk

I install Win2000 a couple of days, and then I found that my computer cannot boot up. When I switch on the computer, there was no display (the power of my monitor is on) and loud noise from the hard disk.

Please tell me what's wrong... Thanks~
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  1. I can't be for sure, but unfortunately it sounds like your HDD is busted.

    When big problems (not small problems like bad sectors) like your HDD bearings or motor give out; if it can be repaired, it is generally very expensive and difficult. However it may be possible to have it done as long as your platters still contain your info. If your data is that important to you, I believe On Track Services is a company that specializes in this kind of thing (like trying to recover data from HDDs which heads have crashed).


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  2. Nothing at all from the display? I find that strange. Usually with a drive crash the system posts, but cannot get past drive detection or windows bootup.

    What kind of noise is it?
    a kind of grindy cruncy noise? or a bad whine?

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