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Ok so recently my desktop has been having problems with internet connectivity. Im using a small 2.0 dongle to connect.. and I haven't had any issues up until this week. Out of no where my connection would slow down drastically or just drop out completely.

Now my room mate has not had any network issues and is running a wireless connection as well. Iv tried using his usb dongle on my PC but still had the same issue.

So that rules out my ISP, and USB adapter. Iv also run Virus scans, Advance System Care, and CCleaner.. Im almost to the point of wiping my whole system to see if that fixes it..
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  1. Try using the other computer at your location; it could be a signal strength or interference problem.
  2. I would try that but i havent had any problems with my location in the 3 months iv been here. This problem just popped up about 2-3 days ago.
  3. Yes, a neighbor might have just installed a router that is using the same wifi channels that you do. If that is the case, your router will automatically reduce its power to reduce interference.
  4. I have already changed my channel sever times. The random DCs have stopped, but my connection speed drop drastically when I get on youtube now
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