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I recently upgraded to Windows 8. I just noticed today that while in File Explorer there is no longer an option to search the files. There should be a search box next to the address bar but it's missing. I've looked and searched (no pun intended) for an answer but I've had no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?
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  1. I take it you simply don't have the ability to do what this article stats?
  2. Correct. The search bar to the right of the address bar is just not there, therefore I cannot click into it and have the search tab appear.
  3. I looked under services but didn't see "Windows Search" I assumed it had been replaced or changed for Windows 8. Turns out that for whatever reason, the Windows Search feature just wasn't installed... I turned on that feature and after a reboot, it's there. Thanks for the help!
  4. Glad you found it! :)
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