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Is Comcast Duping Me? Or What's Wrong With My Internet?

Last response: in Wireless Networking
November 3, 2012 7:11:08 PM

NOTE: I put this in WAN/LAN as well in order to get double the answers and perhaps more traffic. This is so that if there are people who specifically only visit this part of the forum, I can get those people's attention.

As the title says, I have Comcast Internet.

Today, a friend and I spent roughly six or so hours trying to get the Internet back on at my house. My Internet has worked perfectly for around the past three or so months since I have gotten my router and modem. This Internet-loss issue has been coming off and on lately ever since a few days or so after hurricane Sandy. However, I live way down south on the East coast so I don't think the effects up north should affect me down here, unless the ISP is relocating/doing maintenance on servers. That, at least, is one of my theories. Another one is that either the modem or router is going bad, or one of the ports/the port that connects the CAT45 cable between the router and modem is going bad.

Now, onto the key issue:

My router, a "Belkin Enhanced Wireless Router", has 6 different lights on it. The first one is a lock, which indicates security with a button to press in order to "unlock" it. Due to this, the Internet is set up as WPA-2 security. Then, in descending order are: Wireless, Wired, Router, Modem, and then Internet.
On my modem (which by the way is a used one we bought online), is a Arris WBM760 that has 5 lights on it. In descending order is: Power, DS, US, Online, and Link. Everything is green lit on this except the Link, which flashes yellow.

The problem is that whenever my Internet goes out, it's due to either the Modem and Internet icons on the router glowing red. The link on the Modem becomes faint, and I think either DS or US blinks yellow (I believe it's supposed to do this with the router. However, when the router is off an the computer is directly connecter to the Internet via the modem it turns green).

Our attempts at fixing the problem:

Anyway, we have tried multiple methods in order to restore the Internet connection. These include:
- Unplugging everything and waiting around 2-5 minutes, then replugging everything in.
- Unplugging everything and then just plugging the power in for the modem and router, letting them start up for around 2 minutes and then plugging in the CAT45 cable into both the modem and router.
- Directly connecting the laptop up to the modem, giving me Internet access only via the modem and not through Wi-Fi.

We have also replaced the coaxial cable, to see if the other one was going faulty, as well as using other cables than the CAT45 (which wasn't recommended by the manual for the router and modem, but we decided to give it a shot anyway). There seems to be no noticeable effect from these two experiments.
Something else we tried was also plugging a USB cable into the modem and laptop and seeing if it could update. It did update some sort of driver (probably the USB driver for it) and configured it for that computer. I have two computers in my house, so one of them needs to run off of Wi-Fi.

Additional Details:

Diagnosing the problem through the Network and Sharing Center told us that either the Router, Modem, and Internet could not be reached (on the laptop that requires Wi-Fi to connect) on on the wired and Wi-Fi laptop, it either said the above or something along the lines of not being able to connect to the DNS server.

Both computers run off of Windows 7. My computer uses an Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi while the other just uses Wi-Fi.

My friend has contacted Comcast once, and he had asked them if they were doing any maintenance nearby, or if the problems with our Internet were caused by Sandy. My friend said that the guy didn't seem to know much about what he was talking about, as he gave him answers to questions he didn't ask and said that such things (maintenance and whatnot) aren't usually kept on record. WHAT? They don't keep things like that on record? And when the customer assistant told my friend to do some cable plugging-in things (probably something we have already done), the Internet somehow miraculously came back up. Nice play, Comcast...

At the end of our 6 hour charade of trying to get the Internet back up, my friend borrowed a neighbor's phone and contacted Comcast. As he was trying to reach them, the Internet once again miraculously came back up. I smell a conspiracy here...

So Interwebz denizens on Tom's Hardware, what's your say on this matter? Can I get a solution to my problems?
November 3, 2012 10:09:03 PM

Let's see, a major storm hits the north east and knocks out power (among other things) throughout the area. Most internet traffic for the East Coast is routed through that very region. Your problems started right after the storm, and you're shouting conspiracy?

Relax, take a chill pill and let them sort it out. Expect it to take weeks/months to get back to what it was.
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