I have destroyed the speaker line out on my laptop

someone has a idea on how i can change the mic-input into a speaker? its critical because i cant game without the headphones :(
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  1. I doubt you can do that on most laptops.
  2. you cant sorry
  3. but my question is how to do it... maybe i have to fix it on the hardware but if there are a software for it i don't destroy my guaranty... :bounce:
  4. Easy solution is to get a USB headset. I'm pretty sure you can get a decent logitech USB headset for < 30$.

    Difficult solution is to CAREFULLY disassemble the chassis on your laptop and repair the broken port (you'll likely need some soldering skills, but these ports are not too complicated/tiny to work on by hand if you are careful).

    edit: If your laptop is still under warranty, I would just get a USB headset. Not worth voiding your warranty to save 30$. It's probably a bad idea to attempt to repair it yourself, but it can be done; laptops are not easy to take apart without breaking stuff, and are even harder to put back together; and soldering isn't something you want to learn to do on your laptop's motherboard.
  5. Or a usb sound card, there are little ones for about 12€ out there.
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