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I got a new router and set it up and it worked for months. I got on my computer today and i could not access the internet. my router showed that i had a wifi connection but none of my devices ( Kindle, Wii, Laptop) could access it. I unplugged the router and the internet on my desktop computer started working again. I played around with various things, such as the proxy server, to no avail. im no computer wiz and i have no idea what else to do.. Any ideas??
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  1. I assume what you actual did was unplug your router and then plug your PC into the same location you unplugged the router ?

    Most likely the ISP only allows a single mac address and that is tied to your computer.

    1st option. Turn off all the equipment including the modem. Now turn on the modem first then the router and then your PC. In most cases it will then allow the router to be used.

    2nd option. Use the ipconfig command and find the mac address of your PC. Go into your router and find the screen that says something about mac spoofing or setting the mac address. Key this value in. You have now made your router appear to be your PC to the ISP.
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