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I began noticing many companies "produce" cases that look pretty much exactly alike so I figured that they were actually made by the same people, just repackaged. I'm talking specificly about cases like the Antec 1080. I've read that all these cases are made by chieftec but I'd like to know if anyone knows for sure...

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  1. Yes Antec 1080 is made by Chieftec. Many company sell rebadged Chieftec case.
  2. Yep, the company that makes the Chieftec cases also makes similar Antec cases, alienware, etc. In fact I don't remember the company's name, Chieftec is their own brand IIRC. Same construction, some production lines.

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  3. I know that Superflower cases also go by the names Superflower (Asia?), Atlas (Australia) and Directron (US?).

    Fortunately they aint cheftec cases.. they be better :lol:

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