How to speed up your internet / computer

1) a good antivirus software

2) fixcleaner (a software you can buy / download off the internet)

3) boost your internet speeds through your internet service provider (for instance, if you get internet through time warner cable, you can upgrade to roadrunner turbo, extreme, or ultimate)

4) upgrade your wireless internet adapter (if you are on wireless internet)

5) get a range extender (if you are on wireless internet)

hope all is well with the community

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  1. Yeah, Merry Christmas to you too, but the only one of those that will work for sure is to get a better ISP plan, if it is available.

    Range extenders, meh, I'd first go with an access point and a CAT5e cable run to the poor connection area.

    It doesn't help to upgrade your adapter, if your wireless router or AP doesn't have equal speed and the same goes the other way. Also, it does no good to have a nice dual band simultaneous router if you are running an old security type that will limit you to 54Mbps -- you need to use WPA2 personal with AES encryption.

    Fixcleaner is totally unnecessary and a waste of money IMO, just learn to not load every piece of junk that comes along, like with those Adobe updates. A good antivirus is useful, but staying away from bad places and torrents is more useful.

    Good idea not to do drugs though. :)
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