Resizing Pics for Wallpapers Is This Correct

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Hello All

I am trying to teach myself how to now make wallpapers out of pictures that
I have taken and I am trying to see if the pros on this newsgroup will look
at what I have written and tell me if this is correct. I have read many
posts and this is what I have gotten from it. I did not write this little
guide. It is from Howardforums and I do not take credit for it. This was
for a Motorola V400 and I am assuming that the measurements can be adjusted
for the phone each person has. Correct me if I am wrong please. Thanks.

Photoshop 7.0
(1) Open Image in Photoshop
(2) In Toolbar click Image then go to image size
(3) Now make sure you have Constrain Proportions checked
(4) Either click on width & set that to 176 pixels or go to height & make
that 220 and then click ok
(5) Click the Marquee tool (shorcut is Control M)
(6) In the top bar where it has options for the Marquee Tool, look at
"style" it has a drop down menu, go to Fixed Aspect Ratio, in the width &
height fill in 176x220
(7) Now your Marquee Tool at no time will be bigger than that set size
when you are dragging it across your picture
(8) Drag it across the part of the picture you want to copy, stretch it
out until it does not go any more and let go of the mouse button
(9) Now go to the toolbar and click edit, copy
(10) Go to file in the toolbar and click new, the new image you are making
should be 176x220 if it was done right and click ok
(11) In the toolbar click edit, then paste, save your picture and that
should be that

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.motorola (More info?)

    try this site:

    the resizing is automatic.

    hope it helps

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