Two internet connection on one router

i have a big network of about 50 computers and have only one internet connection .i have applied for other connection so that if some time i link ll be down we can still work on other .can u please tell me how to configure other line on the same router
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  1. You need a dual wan router. many people use cisco rv042 but there a couple of models. Even with the router this gets tricky to configure. ...Ie what does "down" mean and how does the router know. Its not like you get a message from the ISP.

    The best solution is to run a routing protocol with the ISP. You would have to work with them and many do not offer this on a low end account.

    Most the time you are dependent on the router being able to ping something to detect the outage. You will need to read the manuals to find your best option.
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