Please help, wifi driver continually disappearing

A month or so back, i built my new computer (specs below) and all was running well. I noticed on Windows that the wifi card i was using was running slow (it was from 2007) so i changed it. It worked fine for a few days but then it started showing the 'not connected' symbol while still connected and the internet was working. After a while, the diver just disappears all together and I cannot connect, full stop. So every few times that i boot up my computer, i have to un-install, then re-install my driver. This is now becoming a real pain and no one i know can help me. Also, when installing the driver, it says that the corresponding card is not inserted (which it is).

Intel core i3 2120
HIS Radeon HD7750
Thermaltake Commander ms-i
Gigabyte B75M D3H
2x2gb RAM
TP Link-wn350gd
(Don't know about my hard drive)
Windows 7 64bit/Ubuntu 12.10

I would really appreciate any help with this and would like to thank you in advance for any help given.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I wonder if there's anything in this thread for you, even though you have a Gigabyte board and not an Asrock. The BIOS may be the same so the vottage fix someone suggested might help you as well.

    It's also worth taking any third party software out of the equation and let Windows handle the connection - otherwise the M$ software spits its dummy out. There could also be something in msconfig>StartUp that causes the system, to look for a new device.

  2. Hi Saga,
    Yea, it's not the board, i know that. I tried what you suggested but M$ wont recognize it at all so i disabled and uninstalled ALL the drivers and still the same problem. Do you need pictures?

  3. Does Ubuntu find any hardware errors? I know things will work in there that Windows can't handle but if something really is dead, Linux will point to it.

    In System Configuration, did you look at Services? Tick to "Hide all Microsoft" and see if anything doesn't right in what remains in the list.

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