Please help! No sound device installed on Windows 7!!! Sound and webcam doesn't


For about 2 weeks ago my battery on my laptop (ASUS Eee PC - Windows 7) got low and the computer turned off. When I turned it on again the sound on the computer didn't work, the sound symbole on the right corner on the bottom has a red X sign. I've just recovered my computer to fabric-new and the sound still doesn't work and the red X symbole is still there.

When clicking on the sound symbole with the red X on the right corner in the bottom it says "identifying problem..." and then it says that it couldn't identify the problem... My webcam on the computer doesn't work either after that.

On control panel it says "no audio device installed" and when I deleted RealTek and downloaded it again it still doesn't work!!

Please help I don't know what to doooo
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  1. See if this works for you:
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
    They mention the automatic and manual methods for updating drivers.
    watch the Demo Video
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