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I am out of ideas here. I have a network with a couple of Windows machines set up as "servers" for an accounting program. Users are constantly have the program crash due to a "communication error". I have switched out pretty much every piece of equipment, including one of the servers, the router (twice) and switches. It is only when I unplug my wireless antenna that the crashes stop. I thought the antenna may be picking up cross traffic or been hijacked or have some other problem that is causing it to flood the network with traffic. However, when I pull up the web interface, it is showing around 11kbps of traffic (probably just me looking at it). I am looking for ideas of what may be causing my network to have traffic issues and/or communications errors.

I was also thinking of segmenting the network into three parts with routers to cut down on traffic. There is one device that all of the machines on the network would need to access besides the internet. Anyone able to provide some assistance with this plan?

Probably means there is wireless interference from another network or another 2.4 GHz device. To what is the antenna connected (computer? router? WAP?)?

It is a Ubiquity Air Grid M set up as a point-to-point wireless connection to another Air Grid about 2500 feet away. The antenna is on the corner of our building and connected to an ethernet cable running about 100 feet back to the router. There is a Cisco Aironet 1100 in close proximity but they have been there for over a year and the problem just started occurring about a month ago.
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  1. actually it might not be your systems or anything like that it could be just your provider. if you dont have business internet then once you use so much internet the provider will cut you off cuz your lagging there bandwith. so what i would do is call the company and find out exactly how many computers can you hook up to your internet plan and if your using mediacom i feel sorry for you because there is no help support with mediacom and they will always cut you off if you lag them
  2. thnks
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