Hi need help about my speakers

hi when i install windows 7 ultimate im having problem with my speakers

i have logitech g51 surround speakers

when im playing music i think only 1 speaker is working ?

and when i open my creative soundblaster X-FI B a error pop out
it says

the current selected audio device is not supported by the application ...
then when i select another audio " high def audio device" it says the same thing..

what do i miss???
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    It doesn't look like there's windows 7 support for those speakers.,en?section=downloads&tabs=1,3,2,4,5

    If your hardware supports it, you could download XP compatibility mode, and try to run them.
  2. ill try the 2nd one ... yeah it doesnt support my speaker. =( that sucks ...
  3. That's one of the downfalls of new operating systems.

    Check the hardware requirements for the compatibility mode. If your system meets them, you should be good to go.
  4. this is my spec.

    gateway Fx6800 intel core i7 920 @ 2.67ghz 2.67ghz
    12 gig of ram
    nvidia gefore gtx260
  5. You should be fine.
  6. sweet im downloading it now.. then after i download the windows XP.. what should i do then???? try the creative??
  7. thnks alot!!!
  8. Best answer selected by press3kill.
  9. You're welcome. Thanks for the vote :)
  10. Press3kill,

    Do you have the latest Windows 7 drivers for your sound device installed and configured? Should you require additional assistance, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  11. thank you jessica ... i just did what aford10 says but ... kinda not like it but it help
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