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Hi all,

I'm looking for a new mouse & keyboard. I was recommended the new Microsoft Explorer 3 mouse but was also considering a cordless mouse & keyboard.
I've read that cordless mice are no good for games as there is a lag between pressing the button & the PC getting the signal.
Is this true & can anyone recommend a good keyboard & mouse?
Thnks, JWK
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  1. No. But some cordless mice are also optical. The refresh rate of the optics will give some lag which may be annoy during rapid movements of the mouse.
    I use the logitech dual optical. It has a faster refresh rate and larger resolution. Its great for gaming and I've never noticed any lag. But it doesn't come in a cordless version due to the extra power consumption of two leds.

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  2. Ok, thanks, so the lag issue is due to the optics, nothing to do with the mouse being cordless.
    Now I just have to chose one! Thanks again,

  3. I have read the cordless versions have lag too not just because the optics, at least this what I heard in some of the gaming magazines.

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  4. Ive read that the problem with cordless mice is not the optics (which is quite fast), but the IR interface between the mouse and the detector.

    Old PS2 mice ran at a slightly laggy 60hz or so.
    USB mice run at 100 or 120, giving you a far more responsive... well... response LOL
    condless devices however vary. ive heard that some communicate as slow as 50hz. Not good for the UBER gamer.

    Thats why i picked a optical mouse WITH a cord.
    Plus, i dont have to put batteries in it, so the mouse is lighter :smile:

    Its a Microsoft Intellie Explorer 3.0. Its very nice. The black and grey colour even matches my case :smile:
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  5. To straighten it out a bit. Optical cordless mice needs batteries to function. So to reduce the power consumption of the device, all sorts of tricks are made. E.g. the led in optics is flashing at a high frequency since that improves its efficiency. This frequency is what I refer to above as the refresh rate of the optics. Now there is really no point in transmitting anything to the PC faster than that.
    However, if the mice has a cord, the refresh rate of the optics can be increased without worrying about power consumption.
    IMO it would be an extreme poor design to have smaller refresh rate on the cordless comunication than on the optics.
    So PooBaa are you sure about this. I think Im going to measure it on my friends optical/cordless mice.

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  6. I can recommend the Logitech cordless optical combo. Very nice. Also the Logitach 700 mouse. The one with the recharging holster thingy.

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  7. I just got one of these a couple of days ago. It's real nice. However, I do notice a bit of lag during gaming which I don't seem to have with my mechanical cordless mouse (which is also a Logitech). So, I use my cordless, rechargable, optical mouse for everything but gaming. Dual mice!

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  8. I read a review of mice from last year, on this site ( ) and it does state that wireless mice have a lag which is noticable in FPS games.
    How about bluetooth? How is the technology in bluetooth different to that of normal wireless mice? Would the lag problem be solved with bluetooth? Microsoft have a nice looking bluetooth keyboard/mouse combination though it's all very expensive.

  9. I have been using an Intellimouse Explorer for a few years now. I tried switching to the wireless version but I couldn't stand the wireless lag... it is definitely there... and it is definitely noticable if you use your computer a lot with a good mouse. Not too mention that the thing eats batteries a lot more than i expected... changing at the very least once a month... sometimes twice.

    needless to say, I"m back to my original intellimouse explorer. I have used this thing for so long and so much that it has erosion on the plastic from my fingers. Works just the way it did when it was brand new... I just can't bear to buy another one... the new explorer design is much worse than these older ones... atleast IMO.

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  10. Good to hear other peoples experiences, thanks vegandago.

    I'm pretty much decided on the explorer 3 (wired). I really like the idea of 5 buttons. All I need now is the right keyboard. I really like the Microsoft ones but all the wired ones are crap colours. The new wireless ones look really good but you have to buy them all with a mouse ( & not the mouse I'm after). Think I'll wait for a while for a new keyboard.

    Yes, I know, it doesn't really matter what colour it is, it's just a keyboard, but it just does to me.
  11. look at websites that specialize in colorful cases, they usually have a variety in their keyboards so people can match them to their cases. Unfortunatly that usually means shelling out a few extra bucks.
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