Comupter with 2 network connections

I am looking to connect one computer say in Ohio
to remotely control another in Nevada. and for that one in Nevada to connect to a VPN so I can control the VPN which is only available in Nevada by the computer in Ohio
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  1. It depends on how the VPN is setup. In the simplest case you would run something like remote desktop from the ohio machine to the nevada machine and run the VPN pretty much like normal. This requires configuring the VPN to not route the traffic that is going to your remote control machine into the tunnel. This configuration is called split tunnel. Many times it is not allowed by security policy at some organizations because it is very easy to misconfigure it and leave a security hole.

    The only other way is to have 2 internet connections. This is also complex to configure because you must route the traffic for your control machine out one and the rest out the other. This has the same security exposure as the split tunnel so you want to use the split tunnel design as long as the VPN software allows it.
  2. It would involve 2 different providers in nevada.
    One to talk to Ohio and one to connect to the VPN.
    I guess i'll just have to try it and see if I can configure it.
  3. Your configuration is pretty much the dual ISP problem. That is solved by carefully using the ROUTE ADD command. The problem is that the VPN software will manipulate this in its effort to move the default route into the tunnel. You need to ensure that your manually added routes are not deleted by the vpn software.
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