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I recently tried to reformat one of the partitions in my dual boot PC. I originally had XP and then installed 7 as a dual boot. Well, long story short, XP was having problems, so I reformatted the XP partition and lost my ability to dual boot.

I first tried EasyBCD, to fix the problem, but this made things worse. Upon restart I could no longer even load XP. Thus, I deleted the XP partition entirely in hopes to just have the Windows 7 partition and be able to boot.

Of course, this failed too and left me only able to boot from CD.

Is there any way I can fix this problem? I have tried commands in the command prompt off the 7 cd. I tried bootrec /rebuildbcd and got an element not found error. I then tried to make the partition active by using diskpart, but it give me a "the specified partition type is not valid for this operation" error.

That's where I'm at. Thank you so much in advance for the help!
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  1. Hi Newcomer and Welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.
    It seems that XP partition is still in FAT 32 mode, change the partition type to NTFS.
    Windows 7 cannot use FAT32!
    Read this & fix your issue!

    Take a look at these!
  2. you have installed windows 7 after Xp, so the Xp have Boot records , but you deleted the xp partition, so the problem is you lost you boot records ,, so try to use repair or else do a fresh install..

    "saran008 " said windows 7 cannot use fat32.....
    of-course you can't use it for installing the OS, even though "lordlaxative" may used fat32 in xp, windows 7 can read it by default,,, so its note the problem here
  3. You used bootrec from the command-line in the recovery console but you didn't say if before you ran the commands if you entered:


    hit enter then try:

    bootrec /fixmbr


    bootrec /FixBoot


    If you didn't, use the 2 bootrec commands above then boot your PC normally and see if your operating system loads, although rebuildbcd should have detected the OS install.
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