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hi guys, i would just like to ask if it is possible to install a tp-link wireless router without a modem, cause it needs to have a modem connected in order to complete the installation. I only bought the wireless modem just to connect my two computer via Ethernet cable. :hello:
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  1. Your question is a little bit confusing. Which Router is it exactly and did you buy an extra Modem?
    If it´s just a Router:
    What installation? Switch the Power of the Router on, plug the ethernet in and be sure both PCs use DHCP. That should do the trick.
  2. You only need a MODEM to make an Internet connection and some routers come with a built-in MODEM. Apart from that, two or more computers can constitute a network using a router as a hub without an Internet connection. Even if your router has a built-in MODEM, the network is isolated from the Internet if the telephone cable isn't connected.
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