Updating 8600M GT driver stopped my graphics card.

Hey there, I got Diablo 3 on my GX600 and it worked fine. Saw there was a new driver from NVIDIA (296.10) and decided to update. Game didn't want to run anymore.

Now I have reformatted my computer and reinstalled all the drivers but now I get a Code 43 from the device manager for my 8600M GT. I have tried installing old drivers and new beta ones.

Anyone got the answer I need?? Been at this the past week and starting to lose it.

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  1. P.S. My monitor is going on about some "VgaSave" thing. Also, when going Run->DxDiag, under the drivers tab, there is nothing written down. everything is n/a, unknown or not available.
  2. soz for the several posts.

    The driver does get installed, but I still get the Code 43.
  3. If that is a mobile card, did you use the drivers from nVidia or from the laptop vendor? You want to use the ones from the laptop vendor.
  4. I am unable to use the ones from the laptop vendor (MSI) as it requires Vista 32-bit OS whilst I have Windows 7 64-bit.
  5. If you installed an OS without vendor drivers, you can try to re-install Windows 7 and go back to the drivers that worked for you before clean.
  6. I have no previous drivers. It was my mate's old laptop and he does not have them either. I am going to try to run the drivers I get of the vendor's site again but run in compatability mode for Vista. Anyone think that will work?
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