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Well I drug out my old Plantronics BT headset last night to try it out with
my Moto V551. I was able to pair and use the headset just fine except when I
tried to use my Palm T3 to dial a number on the V551. If the headset was
paired and active with the phone the Palm could not access the phone.
Likewise if the headset was not paired the T3 had no problems dialing the
V551. It would appear that the phone keeps the headset active and this
prevents the PDA from dialing.

Is this generally true for the V551 or should I look into another BT
headset? I was able to do this with an old Sony-Ericsson T68i no problem, as
soon as the phone was dialed the PDA would drop and the headset would

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.motorola (More info?)

    I'm using T3/Moto V551/Jabra Freespeak 250 and experiencing the same
    problem. If the headset is connected via BT, the T3 cannot access the
    phone via BT. With the headset not connected, I can use Quick Connect
    to dial from the T3 and once the call is placed then connect the
    headset. A bit of a drag but it works.


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