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Computer Audio Output EQ Control Software?

Last response: in Home Audio
November 21, 2004 3:59:44 PM

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Hi everyone.

I apologize if this is an inappropriate question for this group but
this forum seems to be closest to what I seek. If I'm in the wrong
place, can anyone advise of a better forum for this question?

I just bought a 3-speaker system for my WinXP-SP2 computer -- two
desktop satellite speakers with a subwoofer for the floor. Plug n'
play worked great and all is operational but not quite ideal -- the
bass is overwhelming compared to the side speakers. I am wondering if
there is a software tool that will allow me to adjust overall computer
sound output so I can shift the low and high end signals into a more
acoustically pleasing arrangement.

At volume 2 of 10 the bass is fine but you can't hear much mid- or
high-end on the satellite speakers. At volume 5 of 10 the side
speakers can finally be heard but subwoofer bangs/knocks and the
pounding noise is just too much to bear. It is an office about 12' x
15' and is set up in one corner. I have played with the subwoofer
placement and room acoustics to minimize the pounding resonance but it
still is overwhelming.

Ideally, I would be able to cut half the signal to the subwoofer OR be
able to boost the signal by two-fold to the satellite speakers. Is
that a software tool that will do this? Even better, is there a
shareware or freeware application?

I am not recording or processing sound in any way -- just playing
standard from-the-store music CDs in Windows Media Player v9. System
is WinXP-SP2. The 26 watt speaker system is a Cyber Acoustic CA-3095

When I pull up the control panel for my Conexant AMC Audio card the
sound control section lets me pick an overall volume and an 'Advanced'
button lets me separately adjust the volume for various aspects
(microphone, midi, SW synth, etc.) and another 'Advanced' button shows
me an interface that suggests I could individually control bass and
treble ... but they're grayed out and not movable.

Any recommendations or pointers from this group? All advice is

Thanks in advance.

- Sheldon, going deaf fast ;) 
February 21, 2010 4:19:48 AM

u can use SRS - audio
or breakaway audio (google it) they are both virtual audio cards that overlap your on audio card and give it a bost :p  +eq