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Everquest Gaming Flatpanel

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 1, 2004 9:45:16 PM

Hello -

I've spent the last day or so researching the purchase of a new flat panel to run Everquest with. It's a first person game, similar to Unreal with movement, etc. but not as graphically intense (has a fairly old graphics engine, but is in the process of being upgraded to DirectX 9.0)... anyways, back to the question at hand. I need this as a second monitor, it will not be my primary focus, but I don't want a poor monitor either.

It can be anywhere between 19-21", does not need perfect color, I'm not a graphic artist at all. Needs to be able to handle movement such as in UT, with good responsiveness and no blurring....

I read about the new 19 and 20" monitors, but it sounds like they're not very solid for gaming =(

Anyone have any suggestions? Am I being too picky for my purpose?

Thank you kindly for your advice.

March 2, 2004 7:59:35 PM

even the best current gameing LCDs Blur to some degree. Its not bad at all and after you get used to it you dont even see it anymore unless you look for it. As for Big LCDs, people rave about the Dell 2001fp as its a 16ms 20.1" LCD. I didnt like that screen at all but most people love it. Im still looking into the 12ms 17" panels that are starting to appear. Samsung as a Full Color 19" panel that has a 20ms rt coming out soon also to look forward too. All 12ms and 16ms panels dither to create the 16.7m colors. The Samsung 193p is a 20ms panel and displays a full 16.7m colors with no dithering. If this is true, this will the the LCD to own.
March 3, 2004 10:00:25 PM

Does it have to be 19-20 inches? Remember, a 17 inch LCD is the same screen size as a 19 inch CRT monitor.

I've got the Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro and it's the best monitor I've ever used. Motion blur is nonexistant, even when playing DVDs or Unreal Tournament.

And while I'm not an Everquest player, that is a click and wait MMPORG. I doubt it moves as fast as Unreal Tournament. You will probably be perfectly content with a 25ms panel.
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March 6, 2004 10:36:52 PM

Everquest is not a click and wait mmorpg.
March 7, 2004 6:10:01 AM

I doubt you'll have too many problems with Everquest running on 25ms panels.
That said, we'll move on to the sub 20ms panels...

As for color quality, only the 20ms panels made by Hydis are known to provide a relatively blurless image for gaming while still providing a non-dithered color palette.(most of these are 17" panels though providing the approx 19" CRT viewing area as mentioned above)
However, due to their seeming limited availability, (eg. the Hercules monitor is now discontinued) the Viewsonic's VP171b (or VP171s, also another 17" screen) seem to be the most popular choice for the gamers(though this is a 16ms screen that does use dithering for its color pallette). Its the monitor I've seen the most reviews from both professional reviewers and users. In general, it provides a fairly acceptable image with little ghosting and the occasional blotches of color (due to the dithering). This issue, though, is definitely on a per user basis since its a matter of what your eyes will put up with.

As for the Dell 2001fp mentioned above(a 20" screen I believe), I've read many user reviews that have loved the image quality and its response time, however, a BIG negative I've noted is its high defect rate. I've seen many people return their monitors to Dell 5+ times to finally get a screen they can live with. Major defects noted are high concentrations of defective pixels and 3-5 dead pixels being fairly common. Some have complained of light leakage from the panel (though of this, I'm not sure if people are just nitpicking) So buyer beware.
I believe Viewsonic or LG makes a flatpanel using the same screen Dell uses for their 2001fp. Unfortunately, I've seen little to no user reviews on their products.

Hope this information helps a bit.