Can i use 32-bit antivirus over 64-bit windows 7

i installed kaspersky internet security 32 bit on windows 7 64-bit
It works fine and fast.
But i want to know is it safe
Should i shift to 64 bit version.

If it would be safe and virus free, then i dont want 64 bit version because it is heavy and i have only 2 gb of ram with i3 processor
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    Yes a 32 bit program such as your antivirus program is safe and fine to run under a 64 bit operating system. In fact most applications you are going to use and run will be 32 bit.

    I suggest you upgrade your total amount of RAM to utilize the 64 operating system.

    Good luck, hope I helped. =)
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  3. Thanks... thats what i wanted to hear to save 1 hour of reinstallation and evade slow computing experience...
  4. :) but can the 32bit antivirus read the 64bit registry. unless it was designed to do so then the answer would be NO.

    let me better explain. windows 64bit was designed to work with 32bit applications but in order to do so Microsoft had to build a special section in the 64bit registry for 32bit applications to function called the wow6432node (it is an exact mirror of a 32bit registry inside the 64bit registry) a true 32bit application cannot see anything outside of that area of the registry. so to make a long explanation short if you are running a 32bit antivirus it will load and appear to function 100% however there is a whole higher hierarchy to the registry that this application will not be able to see or provide security on.
  5. I stand corrected. Go with a 64bit version for full security. ;) peace.
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