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My internet speed randomly dropped to 10mbs after 2 years. I tried to figure it out for 5 hours. Can some 1 please help
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  1. If you make a direct computer to modem connection and it still runs at 10Mbps, but your plan is higher, contact your ISP.
  2. When I plug it into my router it runs at 10mbps, I can connect but its really slow. When I plug it directly into my internet modem it runs at 100mbps but i cannot connect to the internet. I don't know what it could be
  3. So until recently it worked fine with the router, but recently dropped to 10Mbps when using the router with a wired connection; modem --> router WAN port --> LAN port to PC?

    When you say it is slow, do you mean high latency, takes a long time for pages to load but then they load normally or they load very slowly -- you can test your latency at which will also check for packet loss.

    If you connect directly to the modem with your PC and then open your command prompt box and type ipconfig /release and then next line ipconfig /renew do you get a connection to the Internet through your modem? If yes, go to and check your download and upload speeds.

    What model router? What model modem?
  4. Ya my Internet was working good for 2 years, about a week ago my internet got really bad.
    modem --> router WAN port --> LAN port to PC. When i have it wired like this I have internet connection I tested on its at 0.16mbps Download, 0.57mbps Upload speed. My Network Setting says Speed:10mbps

    modem -->LAN port to PC. When I have it wired like this, It says im plugged in but cant get a IP Number "Identifying" My Network Setting says Speed:100mbps I tried Command Prompt, still couldn't get connection

    My Router : Dynex DX-EHb4
    Modem : I use my Bell internet provider Modem
  5. I would call up my ISP and have them query the modem to see if it appears working properly, sounds like either the modem or the provider line has a problem.
  6. the weird thing is theirs 5 computers in the house and they all work. Only mine is not working, thanks a lot for the help
  7. How are the other computers hooked up to the ISP, the same modem? The more you can describe about the situation, the more likely we can solve it quickly.
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