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As some of you might have noticed, the specifications for the 172x differ in different Samsung sites. I just received word from Samsung Nordic that the error is in the Nordic sites. The first specification for the 172x was that it was to be a 16ms LCD. This was later upgraded, to 12ms. However, the Samsung Nordic sites never changed the specifications. This was something I was wondering about earlier, so I thought it might be interesting for all the Scandinavians on this site.
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  1. Read this review, it discusses why some sites reviewed a 12ms panel and some reviewed a 16ms panel.

  2. Yes, I had read that before. But the issue I was addressing was that even on the official Samsung sites of the Nordic countries has the 172x been presented as a 16ms LCD. This had nothing to do with the 25ms mix-up that some reviewers experienced. The review you are referring to is very enlightening though.
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