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Hi, I have a USB Speaker that auto-installs a audio driver into windows 7 when plugged in. Problem is I'm not sure the driver is running well with Windows 7 because there are random hissing sounds coming out. Once it comes out, it won't stop until I remove my usb and plug it back again.

So I want to try compatibility mode with XP and Vista, but I am unsure how to do this.
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  1. Uninstall the driver through device manager, go to the speaker manufacturer's website and see if they have drivers for W7. If so, download the driver and install.
  2. I can't find its website, not from the packaging or google... Anyone know of the HUMP Crystal USB Speaker?

    Well would installing it in compatibility mode help?
  3. I found a website, not sure if it's their HQ, but sure looks like it. I didn't look if the had any drivers or whatnot, hope that helps anyways.
  4. Hey thanks for the website. I emailed them and I am hoping they are the manufacturer of this product. I really hope they can deal with this problem.

    I really wish windows 7 is more compatible with previous os drivers though.
  5. Sorry about the double post but I contacted the manafacturer and they said that the USB Crystal Speaker is compatible with Windows 7 but...I'm not sure what the person means but this is what he/she said...

    "The speakers are compatible with Windows 7. However, your computer manufacturer might have some glitches in their interface routines to Windows 7. Please update your computers USB drivers and BIOS. Please check with the website of your computer manufacturer under support."

    "According to our experience the interface routines to Windows 7 of your computer manufacturer to Windows 7 is the culprit. "

    I tried plugging in my Speakers to my Vista Laptop and it worked perfectly.

    Ok so I'm pretty sure my Windows drivers are upto date. I'm not sure how to update BIOS and I understand it involves flashing which is very risky and I hope not to do so. My computer is custom built so I can't really contact the manufacturer unless they mean the manufacturer of my motherboard.

    The last statement I just have no clue what he/she means. They suggested I try plugging the device to an external USB hub but I don't have any.

    Is there some more testing I can do? I asked them too about this and hope I can get some suggestions here too.
  6. Hey, the HUMP NF01 works fine for XP, Vista and Windows 7, but If you have an HP/AMD laptop youll need to download a usb filter" from below link or google "amd usb filter driver" for computers other than HP....Acer, etc.

    Driver Description: This package provides the AMD USB Filter Driver for the supported notebook models and operating systems.

    The AMD USB Filter Driver improves the performance of USB accessories, such as USB speakers or a USB TV tuner.

    For more info:

    Good luck!
  7. If you are a Dell user, you may be interested to read
    external usb audiodevice gives distorted sound
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